I’m 3weeks Pregnant For My Jobless Boyfriend, Please Help

A girl who is an unemployed graduate got pregnant for her unemployed boyfriend and now she doesn’t know what to do.

I discovered that I’m 3weeks pregnant for my jobless boyfriend. I and my boyfriend are unemployed graduates and he is financially handicapped.

He is the first son while I’m the only daughter in my family. And believe me I don’t want to ruin his life neither do I want to ruin mine. I have always dreamed of giving my kids the good life that I had which they deserved too.

I am kind of nervous of abortion because of the risk involved, but I want to know if its the right thing to do since its not up to one month.

I don’t even want to let him know before he runs out of town, the problem here is should I abort the baby and be free or just keep it and face what the future brings for me.

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